Workplace investigations and whistleblowing

Our team has significant experience of representing employers who are seeking to handle and investigate employee whistleblowing disclosures, as well as senior professionals considering blowing the whistle, or facing detriment or dismissal as a result. We have the resources and expertise to support and guide our clients in the most sensitive whistleblowing investigations and cases.  

We are also able to advise clients in relation to whistleblowing policies and procedures, staff training, risk and crisis management, and dealing with any relevant regulatory bodies.

Whistleblowing cases can easily become contentious. Careers, professional reputations, integrity and more can often be on the line.

As an employer, following the right policies and procedures is important. When things do become contentious, knowing how best to deal with the situation - whether that means instigating an independent investigation or simply meeting with a concerned employee - and being confident of the policies and procedures which you have implemented, can be invaluable.

If you are a senior executive considering blowing the whistle, knowing your rights and the extent to which you are protected by the law is fundamental.

Many people turn a blind eye to malpractice in the workplace, fearing that if they “rock the boat” or “put their head above the parapet”, they may lose their job.

Yet whistleblowing legislation in force in the UK is there precisely to guard against such retaliation and to protect those who come forward to report wrongdoing. The purpose of the legislation is to encourage sound working practices, and promote an open and transparent working environment. It is not to create a “blame game” culture, but rather to improve accountability and industry integrity.

Having regularly acted for clients in this area over the last twenty years, we have real insight into all the various aspects of whistleblowing investigations and disclosures, as well as the tactics of the litigation process. We react quickly and effectively to a developing situation, and provide clients with the advice, support and solutions they need.

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