Terminations and settlement agreements

We have a proven track record of ensuring that our clients achieve optimal outcomes in termination of employment situations. Our team is highly experienced in advising companies, firms and senior professionals on terminations and settlement agreements across a broad range of sectors.

If you are an employer seeking to terminate employment, our experience will guide you on how to handle the situation to ensure your business interests are protected. As a senior individual you may suddenly be faced with the prospect of separating from your employer for a variety of reasons. We understand this is a stressful time and are here to make sure that you take the right steps. 

Settlement agreements are confidential contracts between employers and employees that include the waiver of any potential claims that the employee could bring following termination of employment. They can provide an efficient way of managing employment disputes at an early stage, without the risks and disadvantages of litigation.

We adopt a commercial approach and focus on the key issues. Although the monetary value of a settlement agreement is important, this is not the only significant aspect which needs to be dealt with. We tailor our approach to make sure that the settlement agreement suits your needs, for example by ensuring appropriate provisions on confidentiality, restrictive covenants and non-competes, references and announcements.

By listening to your needs and applying our experience and skill in negotiating and drafting such agreements, we are able to help you to achieve your objectives upon termination of employment.

We understand that termination of employment can be difficult. We appreciate that these issues are often time-sensitive and therefore provide a responsive and thorough service to our clients.

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