The key stages of redundancy

Kingsley Napley has extensive experience in advising both employers and employees in this field and we set out below some of the key stages in the process.

Stage 2

Collective consultation?

The statutory collective consultation obligations are triggered where an employer is proposing to dismiss 20 or more employees in one establishment within a 90 day period.

Period of consultation:
30 days if proposing to dismiss 20 to 99 people; or
45 days if proposing to dismiss 100 or more people.

The Secretary of State must also be notified (Form HR1).

Download HR1 form

Stage 2.1

Employee representatives for collective consultation

Is there a recognised trade union? If so, the employer should consult with trade union representatives. If not, does the employer have employee representatives who have authority from those employees to receive information and to be consulted about the proposed dismissals on their behalf? If yes, the employer should consult with them. If not, the employer will need to arrange election of employee representatives – there are statutory rules on how this is done.

Stage 2.2

Collective Consultation

The minimum information and consultation obligations are set out in statute. See our blog on collective consultation below.

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Stage 3


If the number of employees in a particular function/team is being reduced, a selection exercise will be required. Employees in the pool must be scored against selection criteria. Those with the lowest scores will be selected for redundancy. It is for the employer to establish the selection criteria. They must be objective to avoid exposure to allegations of discrimination.

Stage 4

Individual consultation

Employers must consult with individuals about their potential redundancy before final decisions are made. Collective consultation is no substitute for individual consultation, so this needs to be done even in cases where collective consultation applies. For further information on individual consultation, see our blog on this topic below.

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Stage 5

Termination of employment

Is there an enhanced redundancy package on offer? If so, employers could make this subject to signing a settlement agreement. If you are a senior executive at risk of redundancy, see our blog on top 10 tips for negotiating an exit below.

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