Applications for Registration in Financial Services

Our skilled and experienced team of regulatory lawyers advise individuals, corporates and organisations in the financial and professional services sectors on registration, licensing, accreditation, and certification with national regulators.

Our team is independently recognised as a leader in the field and is ranked as band 1 in Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500.  Our strong links to expert counsel in this field means that our advice is orchestrated and seamless and represents the best value for money for clients at this uncertain time.

Help for financial professionals

Professionals seek advice from us knowing that a failure to secure registration will be fatal to the operation of their business or their ability to practise in their chosen profession. Navigating the complexities of the regulator’s admission requirements can be daunting and stressful, particularly when complex or contentious issues may mean that a client’s application will be scrutinised more closely.

Our insightful, thorough and methodical approach provides clients with the reassurance that they are securing every available advantage in making their application. Clients with matters they need to declare may be reluctant to be forthright in their registration application, often fearing a negative response from the regulator.

Our experience causes us to advise clients that complete candour is almost always the best approach. We know how regulators will respond to disclosures of criminal or other relevant conduct and how best to advance a persuasive case that the applicant remains worthy of approved, regulated or registered status.

Challenging the imposition of conditions or other restrictions sought or imposed by a regulator on an individual or organisation’s registration requires swift and decisive action to be taken, before the true reputational and commercial impact is felt. We respond quickly and provide advice on challenging regulator proposals and decisions, including through any internal appeal processes and on appeal to court or the First-Tier Tribunal.

Working with busy clients looking to start-up businesses or secure registration whilst completing studies or training, we understand that face to face meetings in office hours are not always possible. We work flexibly in a way that suits you, minimising the disruption to your professional and personal life.  We often provide advice behind the scenes, knowing that clients do not always want their regulator to know what external legal assistance they have had.

Recent experience

Financial services

  • Representation of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Approved Persons facing employment disciplinary proceedings and providing guidance on how to correspond with the FCA so that they were awarded Approved Person status in their next role
  • Advice to FCA Approved Persons in relation to their disclosure obligations to the FCA.
  • Advice to financial professionals in relation to their responsibilities for registration under the FCA’s Senior Managers’ Regime and Certification Regime
  • Advising ACCA and ICAEW registered accountants on the jurisdictional reach of their regulator’s disciplinary powers.
  • Advising accountancy firms on admission and registration requirements and appearance before their regulator’s Admissions and Licensing Committee.


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