Intellectual Property Disputes

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We fully understand the importance in business of a brand and other intellectual property rights, which our clients have created, developed and own.

Our dispute resolution solicitors have wide experience in disputes relating to the development, licensing and protection of all forms of intellectual property including:

  • Copyright (music, film and all forms of new media)
  • Confidential information and database protection
  • Design and advertising rights
  • Passing off
  • Patents (including regulatory compliance)
  • Sports merchandising and sponsorship
  • Trade libel
  • Trademarks (UK , European and worldwide)

Our dispute resolution solicitors protect your rights, if required, before the appropriate tribunal or court and we can obtain interim injunctive relief, and if appropriate, search orders to safeguard those rights from being exploited.

On the other hand, you may find that you are under attack from other major institutions or brands who claim that you are trailing on their reputation and goodwill, and are effectively trying to prevent you from trading. We are experienced in resisting such claims and achieving a commercial solution for you.

Not only do large organisations need to protect their intellectual property rights, but business of all sizes develop such rights, which may be very valuable in years to come and steps to protect those rights should be taken at the earliest opportunity. These rights sometimes expire, and it is necessary to be alert as to when to renew them.

Even if you haven’t registered your intellectual property rights, you still own unregistered intellectual copyright, which you can still protect.

In the world of social media however, individuals may need to be aware that uploading photos, pictures designs, music, or videos, may compromise valuable intellectual property rights. Once they are uploaded, the rights to them are no longer your own.

When we meet you to discuss your intellectual property rights requirements, we will obtain as much information as possible to establish your rights, whether registered or not, and formulate the best course of action to protect what is yours. We work with specialist counsel to seek to achieve your goals.

Our understanding of intellectual property rights in all forms of business and media and the most effective way to protect them make us the lawyers of choice for anyone looking to protect their personal and/or business interests.

For more information on intellectual property disputes, read our frequently asked questions.

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