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Our considerable experience in pursuing fraud related claims means that we understand the need to act swiftly to provide strategic advice enabling you to trace and freeze stolen assets.  We know which of the many tools available in the civil courts will be best suited to enable you to recover your losses effectively and efficiently.

We understand the invidious position you find yourself in.  The decision as to whether to write off fraud losses or to invest in the cost of instructing lawyers and investigators is very hard, and the answer will depend on the specific circumstances of each case.  We are used to working with victims of fraud to set and work to a budget and we constantly review the chances of a successful outcome weighed against the expense in achieving it.

We have experience in conducting covert internal fraud investigations, to monitor and determine the way the fraud has been carried out, identify all those involved, and ascertain where the assets have gone.  The aim is to carry out the investigation without the knowledge of the perpetrators with a view to applying for and obtaining freezing injunctions without notice to them.

We have the advantage of being able to work alongside our top ranked criminal team to assist us in working with the prosecuting authorities to recover your losses by way of confiscation in criminal proceedings.  If the prosecuting authorities are not prepared to investigate or prosecute, we have a private prosecution team who can prosecute the fraudster on your behalf to recover your losses.  We can also work with our reputation management team to use publicity as a tool to assist in finding and recovering your stolen assets.

For more information read for victims of fraud in our frequently asked questions and Mary Young's Quarterly Fraud Round-Up 

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