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15 February 2017

Death in the Digital Age

As much as we may try to fight it, we’re in an increasingly digital age. Social media now extends into every aspect of our lives, from those notorious repetitive baby pictures to ‘in memory of’ pages to remember loved ones. We collect and share moments of our lives in the digital world. 

Diva Shah

7 February 2017

Why you should appoint a guardian in your Will

In the unfortunate and very unlikely event that both you and your partner pass away leaving children under the age of 18 (“minor children”), you might consider incorporating a “guardianship clause” into your Will. This would give you peace of mind that your children have been left in the care of someone you trust.  

2 February 2017

Challenging the Status Quo? Is Rick Parfitt's third wife entitled to a claim after he purportedly changed his will five days before his death?

It has been widely reported in the press this week that British rock star Rick Parfitt, changed his will 5 days before he died on Christmas Eve to the exclusion of his current (third) wife with whom Rick had two young children. Rick also had two children with his first wife (one of whom predeceased him) and one child with his second wife. The Daily Mail reports that Rick’s estate is to be divided equally between his two adult children and his two minor children.

Katherine Pymont

24 January 2017

‘Claudia’s Law’ - helping families take control of a missing relative’s affairs

Many of us will recall the disappearance of 35 year old Claudia Lawrence when she was on her way to work at the University of York in 2009. Claudia has still not been found. Her father, however, has been championing a law which would allow a relative of a missing person to deal with their financial affairs. Named ‘Claudia’s Law’, the Bill has already been backed by MPs in the Commons and will shortly be going to a second reading. 

Stephanie Forster

20 January 2017

Forming your own Charity – how to satisfy the Charity Commission

Being philanthropic is part of our DNA. When we see somebody struggle our natural instinct is to help and many people do this by donating to charities in their lifetime or leaving charitable legacies in their wills. 

Sameena Munir

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