Family Tax and Structuring Advice

We understand that individuals do not live in isolation and that any structure or tax advice must be appropriate for and encourage harmony within their whole family.    

We provide family governance advice in relation to matters including:

  • family offices;
  • family companies;
  • family partnerships; and
  • family constitutions.

For clients who are living with a partner or spouse, or considering moving in together, we work closely with our family and real estate teams to explain and plan for the different tax and succession issues that can arise in relation to:

  • marriage;
  • civil partnership;
  • cohabitation; and
  • international family relocation.

For clients in the midst of divorce, we work closely with our family team to advise individuals on UK tax issues including:

  • the domicile and residence position of individuals in terms of both tax and succession but also the appropriate forum for their divorce proceedings;
  • the UK tax treatment of assets being held or transferred on divorce;
  • tax efficient methods of structuring funds awarded to spouses on divorce, including planning for future generations; and
  • other UK tax issues as may arise in the context of divorce.

For clients who need assistance in relation to children, we provide UK tax and succession planning advice on the issues that can arise on the birth of a child, adoption, surrogacy and custody arrangements. 

Family Tax and Structuring Advice Insights

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