Money Laundering Regulation and Compliance

"They are a really outstanding firm - their POCA and asset forfeiture work is absolutely first-class."

Chambers and Partners, 2019

Ensuring that the UK financial system is an increasingly hostile environment for illicit finances, particularly in the light of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is a key government priority.

As well as the criminal authorities, regulators, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Solicitors Regulatory Authority also investigate anti-money laundering procedures and whether such procedures are adhered to.

With the advent of the Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (OPBAS) regulators are ramping up their supervision and enforcement action to ensure professional body AML supervisors provide consistently high standards of AML supervision.

Money laundering legal expertise

The NCA has confirmed that it is increasingly focusing on  “high end” money laundering which arises from major frauds and international corruption, where the raw product of the offending is electronic and cash is only used further along the laundering process.  In order to disguise the source of funds criminals need professionals and businesses to make the necessary arrangements. Lawyers, trust and company formation agents, investment bankers and accountants are among those at greatest risk of becoming involved, either wittingly or unwittingly in high end money laundering.

This can have regulatory and criminal law consequences.

Specialist money laundering compliance solicitors

Kingsley Napley represents both individuals and organisations in a wide range of money laundering related matters. Our clients include professional services firms, money laundering officers, and individuals and organisations caught up in money laundering investigations both criminal and regulatory.

How we can help

The UK’s anti-money laundering legislation is extensive and complex and reaches into many areas of business and commercial life.

  • We can provide money laundering training as it critical that businesses and individuals ensure that they are aware of the legislation and keep up to date with developments;
  • We can conduct anti-money laundering audits for individuals and corporate entities and advise on prevention measures and compliance requirements; and
  • We can draft AML policies and procedures.

For more information please contact our specialist money laundering regulations and compliance solicitors

A source describes the team as "on top of its game," thanks to being "exposed to tremendous cases."

Chambers and Partners UK, 2020

Fantastic insight into the procedural aspects as well as the substantive law" of large-scale money laundering cases."

Chambers and Partners UK, 2020

One of the premier white collar defence teams in London."

Legal 500 UK, 2020

Outstanding practice which frequently defends corporate entities and high-profile individuals in restraint and money laundering matters."

Chambers and Partners UK, 2017

“When it comes to money laundering matters, “there is no one better” than Jonathan Grimes, who “never fails to deliver astute and considered counsel” to clients”

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Proceeds of Crime

Recent years have seen considerable growth in this practice area, following the introduction of new measures designed to tackle illicit finance and the increased attention of enforcement agencies.

Account Freezing and Forfeiture Orders, and Cash Seizure

Tackling illicit finance and the proceeds of crime is a government priority and law enforcement focus.

Restraint Orders, Confiscation and Third Party Rights

We advise individuals and corporates in relation to restraint orders and third party applications in respect of property caught by restraint orders.

Unexplained Wealth Orders

UWOs are used by law enforcement agencies to require an individual to prove that a particular asset was obtained through legitimate means.

Extending Moratorium Periods

Another feature of the Proceeds of Crime Act that can have the unwelcome effect of freezing property is the 'moratorium period'

Money Laundering

The UK’s anti-money laundering (AML) regime is amongst the most stringent. We represent both individuals and organisations in AML matters.

Fraud and Financial Crime

Defending complex white collar cases successfully is what we are known for. The firm has the largest team of specialist criminal lawyers in the UK.


When an individual or company is faced with a criminal or regulatory investigation we manage every step of the process.

Medical Cannabis: Licensing and Investment

We advise corporates and individuals on all aspects of investing and licensing in cannabis industry.

Advice for Professionals

Our regulatory team is independently and consistently top ranked by the legal directories for our work in professional services.

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