Wills and inheritance planning

15 October 2019

Probate: heritage assets - could your artwork or antiques pay the inheritance tax bill?

Not many people know, but in the UK it is within the government’s remit to protect and promote the country’s cultural and artistic heritage. As a result, there are heritage tax reliefs available on death. 

Diva Shah

16 August 2019

Who died first? Judgment handed down in Scarle v Scarle

This week HHJ Kramer handed down his judgment in the case concerning Mr and Mrs Scarle. The court was asked to consider the question as to which of them had died first in October 2016, after they were both found dead at their bungalow in Essex. 

Kate Salter

15 August 2019

Making gifts for tax planning purposes on behalf of someone lacking capacity

A recent ruling by the Court of Protection means that someone acting as a deputy for a person lacking capacity will in future be able to make gifts on their behalf for tax purposes, even if the person had not engaged in tax planning before losing capacity.

Sameena Munir

13 August 2019

Wills, inheritance tax and the middle-aged beneficiary

The average age at which a child inherits from their parents is now 61.  But what does that mean for the 'average' 61-year-old?

Jim Sawer

25 July 2019

Was it a gift or was it a loan?

Many newspapers carried the story last month of a mother who claimed that the money advanced to her son to assist with a house purchase was a loan and not a gift. She claimed that money should therefore be repaid to her on son's death rather than pass to his widow. However, her claim failed and there was no evidence that it was a loan.

Jim Sawer

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