Wills and inheritance planning

2 July 2019

Who died first? When the date of death matters

Kate Salter discusses the recent case in which two step-sisters dispute who stands to inherit, depending on which of their parents died first according to legislation.

Kate Salter

17 April 2019

Doing well in the crypto-currency market? Make sure you don’t die rich!

Whether you are in the market for short-term profit or making long-term investments, adequate planning is certainly a worthwhile (and small) investment of your time and money. If you’ve been savyy enough to successfully invest in crypto-assets, make sure you are smart enough to ensure your loved ones can benefit, should the worst happen.

James Ward

4 April 2019

Inheritance Tax – are the very wealthy breathing a permanent sigh of 'relief'?

Both the Guardian and the Independent carried articles earlier this week centred on the statistic that the average rate of Inheritance tax (IHT) paid on the deaths of the very wealthy is 10% while the average rate on more 'modest' estates of between £2 million and £3 million was 20%.

Jim Sawer

23 January 2019

Inheritance Tax Planning: Deeds of Variation and nil rate band discretionary Will trusts - less common but still useful?

2007 was a milestone year in inheritance Tax (IHT) planning for married couples with the introduction of the ‘transferable nil rate band’. Not only did that sound the death knell (almost) for the nil-rate-band-discretionary-will-trust but the traditional use of a deed of variation did an about face.

Jim Sawer

17 January 2019

New Year’s resolutions for unmarried couples: make Wills, get married, better still, do both?

Over the years, I’ve encountered many couples in a relationship spanning 20 years or more, often with children together, who have never married nor have any intention of doing so. When challenged as to reasons for not marrying, there’s rarely expressed any aversion to marriage in principle. It’s just, “We’re happy as we are; we don’t need a piece of paper to prove the strength of our relationship”.

Jim Sawer

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