Wills and inheritance planning

5 December 2019

Funeral fall-outs and body battles – Who is in charge?

In most cases, after the death of a loved one, family members and those close to the deceased come together to agree a fitting and respectful ‘send-off’ for the deceased, whether that involves a funeral, burial, cremation, memorial service or any other way of saying ‘goodbye’.

Kate Salter

6 November 2019

Wobbly will wording – common drafting errors and failure to update your will

In kitchen drawers, banks and (to a much lesser extent) solicitors’ strong-rooms across the land, rest thousands of invalid and out-of-date wills, just waiting to disappoint the family and run up legal costs when we die.

Jim Sawer

28 October 2019

Probate: Missing or unknown beneficiaries – what should executors do?

An executor’s legal duty is to distribute the estate according to the terms of the will. This sounds straightforward, but what happens if one of the beneficiaries is unknown or missing?

Diva Shah

22 October 2019

Probate: I’ve been appointed as an executor under a Will – what are the responsibilities?

If you've been named as executor in a Will there are various considerations to bear in mind. Acting as an executor can be complex and time-consuming as well as entailing significant responsibility. We look at the key responsibilities of executors.

Joseph Austin TEP

21 October 2019

Inheritance tax planning at the 11th hour

An increasing number of estates are falling into the range of Inheritance Tax (IHT); if IHT were ever the concern only of the ‘rich’, it certainly isn’t now.

Jim Sawer

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