Youth crime and justice

25 April 2019

On the cliff edge: Do we need formal sentencing guidelines for ‘young adults’?

Most of us remember our 18th birthday.  Finally you are old enough to do a whole list of activities which were previously prohibited – you can vote, buy alcohol, open your own bank account, gamble or even get that tattoo you always wanted. On top of this, you are now deemed an ‘adult’ in the eyes of the law.

Maeve Keenan

10 April 2019

Eastenders explores rape: Part 5 - what happens when a complainant wants to "drop the case"?

In this blog series, we have been following the progress of one of the latest EastEnders storylines, which centres on a young woman who claims to have been raped by two men after a night of heavy drinking.  

Maeve Keenan

7 December 2018

Eastenders explores rape: Part 4 – what happens when someone is accused of rape?

In this blog series, we have explored the concept of consent, the making of a complaint of rape from the perspective of the victim and what happens to those who may be interviewed as witnesses. In this piece we will look at what happens to someone who is accused of rape.

Maeve Keenan

23 November 2018

Changes to the Code for Crown Prosecutors

David Sleight discusses the revised ‘Code for Crown Prosecutors’ and suggests that a shift in policy to encourage prosecutors to carefully review cases and exculpatory evidence at an early stage is a good idea in principle. Sleight argues the revised code is, however, ‘yet another example of a well-intentioned policy change that has little or no consideration as to what is happening on the ground’.

David Sleight

9 November 2018

EastEnders explores rape: Part 3 – witness interviews

In part 2, we followed how Ruby reported the allegation to the police. Now Ruby’s friends, Martin and Stacey, are being interviewed as witnesses and in this blog, we look at how this would really unfold.

Maeve Keenan

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