Disputed Wills

14 July 2016

Providing for your Pokémon in your Will

Everyone is talking about Pokémon Go but no one is asking the most important question of all – what happens to your Pokémon when you die?

19 April 2016

Battle of the beneficiaries

The much publicised war of words and threat of an inheritance dispute brewing between Lynda Bellingham’s adult sons and her third (surviving) husband Michael Pattemore is all too familiar. We have seen a steady increase in fall-outs over wills in part as a consequence of families becoming more complicated and in particular, disgruntled children who are unhappy with their provision or treatment at the hands of a step-parent.

Katherine Pymont

20 October 2015

Will Forgery Claims: The 2015 Lowdown

In the past year, the High Court has been asked to determine whether a purported will is a forgery on three different occasions. This is an interesting development because there is often a perception amongst lawyers that contested will forgery actions rarely reach trial.

Ryan Mowat

4 August 2015

Inheritance claims by adult children – update

“Judges say that your will can be ignored” ; “Woman cut out of mother's will as she eloped with boyfriend wins legal battle for share of estate”; “What is the point of a will if your wishes can be defied?”; “UK court overturns will of mother who had disinherited child”. These are just some of the headlines that have appeared in the pages of our national newspapers in the last few days following the Court of Appeal decision in the case of Ilott v Mitson & Ors (“Ilott”).

Katherine Pymont

16 July 2015

When are you on your deathbed?

What exactly is a ‘deathbed’?  That was the question for the Court of Appeal when it was asked to rule on whether or not an elderly lady had made a gift of her house to her nephew.

The case of King v Dubrey and others concerned the rather obscure legal doctrine of donatia mortis causa – which means ‘gift in contemplation of death.  In other words, a ‘deathbed gift’.

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