Disputed Wills

30 May 2014

Challenge to remove Jimmy Savile’s Executors fails

The beneficiaries of Jimmy Savile’s estate have been at loggerheads with his Executors following fears that compensation claims to his victims may use up all the money in his Estate.

30 May 2014

Disputed Will case - Estranged daughter fails to overturn father’s Will on multiple counts

In one recent case a daughter who had fallen very far out of her father’s favour tried almost every trick in the book to have his Will declared invalid (Bateman v Overy and another ([2014] EWHC 432)).

25 April 2014

Disputed Will cases – Inheritance and Family Provisions Act 1975 claims

‘1975 Act claims’ are claims made under the Inheritance and Family Provisions Act 1975, where relatives and dependants who feel they have not received enough (or anything at all) on someone’s death can ask the Court to make provision for them. Below are a couple of recent cases.

Should you have any questions about bringing or defending a 1975 Act claim, please see our Frequently Asked Questions and case studies or contact a member of our team.

Joseph Austin TEP

3 April 2014

Mental capacity case - Will of woman suffering from dementia declared invalid

In the case of Catling and others v Catling and another ([2014] EWHC 180 (Ch)), a Will was declared invalid because the testatrix had not had mental capacity when she made it.

Joseph Austin TEP

24 March 2014

Mental Capacity Case - Meat-eating testator can leave his millions to the Vegetarian Society

This case involves a millionaire who left 80% of his estate to the Vegetarian Society, despite not being a vegetarian.

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