Disputed Wills

7 April 2015

Robin Williams' brand protection – tax efficient way to protect publicity rights in the afterlife

Robin Williams was an outstanding actor and comedian who broke new ground with his characters and films. News of his suicide in August 2014 shocked the world and, eight months after his death, he is still making headlines as detail of the Robin Williams Trust emerges. 

Sameena Munir

16 October 2014

Second judgment on will signing error: Solicitor’s insurers to pay legal fees

In January 2014, the Supreme Court handed down its’ judgment in the case of Marley v Rawlings and another, which related to a will that had been incorrectly signed. For an overview of the case, please see our previous blog: ‘Supreme Court upholds the Wills in a landmark case where a married couple accidentally signed each other’s wills’. 

Laura Phillips

30 September 2014

Intestacy rules – changes to be introduced on how estates are settled without a Will

Two-thirds of adults in England and Wales pass away each year without having made a valid Will. Some people simply don't get round to making one; others don't realise that significant events in life, for example marriage, can revoke a previously made Will. Whatever the precise reason for not leaving one, such individuals are said to die 'intestate' and their estates are governed by the ‘intestacy rules’. These determine the distribution of a deceased’s estate after any debts and liabilities, funeral expenses and costs of the administration of the estate have been paid. 

26 September 2014

Will you or won't you? - Passing down wealth to your children

The average Briton now delays making a Will until they are 72 years old according to a recent survey by Remember a Charity.  Only three in 10 people in the UK actually have a Will and many of us simply don’t write a Will at all in spite of this being an age of increasingly complicated financial affairs, complex family dynamics and people moving between countries. The lack of engagement or willingness to arrange our affairs is somewhat surprising given the difficulties that can arise if matters are not dealt with and how these may affect the passing down of wealth to your children and through generations. 

1 September 2014

Famous painters and secret trusts

Judgment has now been given at the High Court in London in the dispute over Lucian Freud’s £96 million estate. Freud was an  internationally-recognised and highly successful artist and draughtsman. His residuary estate after payment of legacies and inheritance tax but before administration expenses was estimated by the claimants to be worth about £42 million. The first claimant, Diana Rawstron, was Freud’s’s solicitor and the second claimant, Rose Pearce, was one of his children. They were the executrices of the disputed will. The defendant, Paul Freud, was one of his 14 children.

Ryan Mowat

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