Disputed Wills

11 May 2017

Contesting a forged or fraudulent will

A look at the case of a young widow who faked the will of her late husband.

Katherine Pymont

2 February 2017

Challenging the Status Quo? Is Rick Parfitt's third wife entitled to a claim after he purportedly changed his will five days before his death?

It has been widely reported in the press this week that British rock star Rick Parfitt, changed his will 5 days before he died on Christmas Eve to the exclusion of his current (third) wife with whom Rick had two young children. Rick also had two children with his first wife (one of whom predeceased him) and one child with his second wife. The Daily Mail reports that Rick’s estate is to be divided equally between his two adult children and his two minor children.

Katherine Pymont

3 January 2017

Ensuring your inheritance ends up in the right hands

The Times  on 31/12/16 looked at the growing number of inheritance disputes that are hitting the courts and quoted Kingsley Napley lawyers Jim Sawer and Kate Salter. Not only did 2016 see a spate of high profile family disputes but the Supreme Court also heard a will challenge case for the first time bought by Heather Ilott.

Jim Sawer

26 October 2016

Did "Fifth Beatle" know his Will would cause family rift?

A dispute over the will of the man who once produced the Beatles throws light on some of the issues that arise and may suggest how room for argument can be kept as narrow as possible though intelligent preparation.

Jim Sawer

20 September 2016

Disputed wills and mental capacity

If a Will appears rational then there is a presumption that the individual making the will (the testator) had mental capacity and the Will will be admitted to probate unless anyone can produce sufficient evidence to the contrary.

Diva Shah

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