9 July 2018

Will my children steal my money when I'm old?

Financial abuse of the elderly is a shame on our nation. That the abuser is often the elderly person’s own offspring, acting under a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), is disturbing. And let’s not mince words; we’re talking about children stealing their parents’ money.

Jim Sawer

24 April 2018

The role of a deputy for the elderly – things to consider

We may all be affected by loss of mental capacity in our lifetime; whether it is ourselves or a loved one. Illness, accident or even old age can have a devastating effect on our ability, and the ability of people around us, to manage day to day life. So what happens if a loved one, family member or friend loses the ability to manage their own finances?

Lauren Eyre

6 April 2018

What makes a good deputy?

If only there was a simple answer to this question but it is something I have been musing over. I am a solicitor and a professional Deputy – this is what I do, it is my job, but how do I know whether I am actually good at it? Obviously I would like to think I am, but then again most of us think we are quite good at our jobs don’t we!

Simon Hardy

24 November 2017

A short guide to the accommodation conundrum

For those hoping for confirmation of what approach the judiciary is going to take now that JR is settled, sadly, this blog cannot provide that. However, this blog does take stock of the current situation, looks at how we got here and tries to offer some insight into where we might be going.  

Christopher James

22 August 2017

Powers of attorney: too risky?

The recently retired Senior Judge of the Court of Protection, Judge Denzil Lush, caused a stir on the Today Programme last week by criticising the lack of safeguards in powers of attorney and saying that he would not sign one himself. Judge Lush also contrasted this with the appointment of a professional deputyship as a “safer” alternative. 

Dr Rosa Malley

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