18 December 2014

Buying and adapting a property for someone lacking mental capacity

Buying or selling a property is the most stressful aspect of modern life, worse than divorce, redundancy or bereavement, according to a recent poll. The process is even more complicated when buying a home for someone who lacks mental capacity.  

6 May 2014

Update on cases from the Court of Protection – on gifts, loans and funding for care

Below is a summary on recent cases in the Court of Protection. If you should have any questions in relation to any of the issues raised, please contact a member of our team.

Simon Hardy

28 March 2014

Update on cases from the Court of Protection

A brief summary of recent cases in the Court of Protection;

  • Court of Protection allows woman suffering from dementia to return home
  • Attorney removed by Court for abusing his power
Simon Hardy

12 November 2013

Double whammy – when medical negligence compensation awards are squandered

Sadly, the Court of Protection has again recently been in the headlines for the wrong reasons. The much publicised case of Samantha Svendsen highlights the risk of leaving the management of a substantial award of compensation in the hands of an inexperienced family lay Deputy.  The recent conviction of her mother Cathy Watson and her ex-husband Robert Hills almost brings to an end a sorry series of events.  Sentencing is awaited but lengthy custodial sentences are expected.

Simon Hardy

2 May 2013

Criticisms of the Court of Protection – are they justified?

In an article of 28 April 2013, the Daily Mail continues its campaign against the perceived inefficiencies and failings of the Court of Protection.  Simon Hardy discusses this article and helps demystify the Court of Protection. 

Simon Hardy

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