24 March 2017

It’s my money! Why isn’t my deputy listening to me?

‘It’s my money! Why isn’t my Deputy listening to me?’ is the title of a talk I am giving at Naidex at the NEC in Birmingham next week.  Naidex is Europe's largest trade, professional and consumer show dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and lifestyle of people with a disability or impairment and it takes place between 28-30th March.

Simon Hardy

22 March 2017

Deputyship – providing day to day support in the management of finances, property and affairs

As a Deputy appointed by the Court of Protection, it is our job to manage  the day to day running of the  finances, property and affairs of someone who lacks capacity to do so themselves.  It is the Deputy’s responsibility to act in the best interests of our client at all times and safeguard his/her assets. 

Sophie Cook

21 March 2017

Providing daily support to a deputy

What is so interesting about acting for deputyship clients? How do you get involved in this (still not) particularly well known and yet extremely rewarding area of the law?

Sameena Munir

7 March 2017

The importance of exhibitions like Naidex

I am pleased that Kingsley Napley will be attending Naidex again this year.  As someone who attended the exhibition last year and took the time to walk around the exhibition hall, I left with a sense of admiration for the pace of technological and medical advances for those who have a disability.  

Richard Lodge

27 June 2016

LPAs – A Measure of Trust

We  previously discussed the merits of having a Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) in place sooner rather than later to safeguard against future loss of capacity, whether that is from dementia or from an accident. There has been an overall increase in LPAs registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (“OPG”), but only 15% of the over 75s have an LPA in place. It is very important that people have registered LPAs, but in light of recent statistics from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (“HSCIC”) the important message to those of you deciding who should be your attorney(s), is to choose somebody that you trust. 

Sameena Munir

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