Family Migration

9 April 2013

Couples torn apart by UK family migration rules

It has been almost a year since the introduction of new draconian immigration rules relating to family migration. We shared some of our concerns about the changes in a previous blog, ‘New rules for family migration – unrealistic specified documents’, and evidence would now suggest that these rules continue to result in partners being split up.

Katie Newbury

25 July 2012

Has Britain closed its doors to elderly dependant relatives?

Yes, the elderly dependant relative immigration category is now closed. Well, that is not strictly true, but it may as well be as the threshold to make an application under the new rules has been set so high that it is difficult to imagine circumstances where it would still apply in practice.

20 July 2012

New rules for family migration – unrealistic specified documents

A few of us from the immigration team recently attended the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) and Migrants’ Rights Network (MRN) event on “The new family migration rules: dividing families, disrupting integration”, which was hosted at the Houses of Parliament. The event was well attended but the discussion was unfortunately somewhat unfocussed, and the issue of how practitioners and applicants will deal with the changes to the family rules (which came into force on 9 July 2012) in practice, was not discussed. 

Roberta Draper

15 June 2012

Want to live with your family in the UK? All you need is love (and lots of money)

Monday 11 June 2012 saw the announcement of the long awaited response to last summer’s consultation on family migration, and the message from Government is clear: if you want to bring your loved ones to the UK, show us your money. 

Katie Newbury

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