Family Migration

18 May 2016

Domicile in the Modern Family

In the Oxford Dictionary, ‘domicile’ is defined as “the country that a person treats as their permanent home, or lives in and has a substantial connection with”. However, the law in this area is far from straightforward, and as our customs and values change at an ever increasing pace within modern society, the question is to what extent the law is able to keep up.

Katie Allard

8 April 2016

Europeans living in the UK - no need to pack up just yet

Awareness of the fast approaching referendum on membership of the European Union is becoming increasingly pervasive to day to day life in the UK. From daily headlines, to In/Out posters starting to appear in our neighbours’ windows through to increasingly heated debate within friendship groups, families and in the workplace. Perhaps one of the most prominent elements of this debate remains on the free movement of people across the European Union. 

Katie Newbury

25 November 2015

Impact on UK immigration status when relationships break down

As covered in our earlier blog on how separation and divorce could affect your right to remain in the UK, the breakdown of a marriage for a couple with an international background can be particularly difficult if one party relies on the other’s immigration status to stay here.

Connie Atkinson

30 September 2015

Immigration Bill 2015 – the real impact of creating a ‘hostile environment’

Earlier this month, the Government published the Immigration Bill 2015, which introduces further measures to create a ‘hostile environment’ for unwanted migration in the UK. This blog explores the background and key aspects of the new Bill and sets out the potential economic and human impact this may have if the Bill is passed and becomes law. It also includes a worked example to illustrate how some of the proposed rules will inadvertently impact all migrants and their families, including British employees, landlords and families.

Katie Newbury

3 March 2015

Updates released on the roll-out of the Biometric Residence Permits for overseas applicants

As the general election draws closer, immigration advisers all over the country watch closely to see what the current coalition government will do and whether they will try to implement any changes to the current immigration system. Although Kingsley Napley has been informed that there will be no significant changes to the immigration system, we still rush to read every release with anticipation. 

Emma Fowler

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