Family Migration

15 August 2014

Strict financial requirements in family migration rules remain unchanged

4,000 applications where the gross annual income requirement had not been met for family migration had been put on hold by the Home Office until recently, pending the outcome of MM v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2014] EWCA Civ 985. In July, the Court of Appeal delivered its judgment in this case and upheld the controversial gross annual income requirement set out in the family migration rules introduced on 9 July 2012.  The Court of Appeal decided that the rules did not breach Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to private and family life.  

7 August 2014

Immigration Act 2014: Marriage and Civil Partnership

Under the Immigration Act 2014, private landlords will be required to check the immigration status of tenants, and may be liable to a civil penalty if they do not do so, under IA 2014. The Home Secretary is also given the power to deprive a naturalised individual of their right to British citizenship, and new powers are created in order to clamp down on sham marriages and civil partnerships. Further, banks will be have to check the immigration status of individuals before opening an account and those unlawfully in the UK will not be able to obtain a driving licence. Unless otherwise stated the provisions come into force on a day appointed by the Secretary of State.

Katie Newbury

17 January 2014

Immigration Update: Government Publishes Response to NHS Charging Consultation

On 31 December 2013 the government published its response to the 2013 public consultation on migrant access and financial contribution to NHS provision in England.

Nicolas Rollason

20 November 2013

Changes to the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK requirement for settlement and naturalisation

As of the 28 October 2013, the government has introduced changes to the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK (KoLL) requirement which will apply to any application for permanent residence (settlement) in the UK for adults (aged 18 and above). The new requirements will also apply to individuals applying to naturalise as British citizens.

Eurydice Cote

3 July 2013

Family migration routes to the UK – with a stop-over in Europe

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration (APPG) recently published its report on the family migration rules that were introduced in July 2012. 

Katie Newbury

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