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3 January 2017

Immigration update - changes to Immigration Health Surcharge, criminal record checks and document retention rules

The UK immigration rules rarely stand still and new changes have already been introduced in 2017. In this blog we look at rule changes involving Immigration Health Surcharge, criminal record checks and document retention.

Ilda de Sousa

20 December 2016

“Fair” dismissal after failing to prove the right to work in the UK

I got dismissed from my job, even though I am allowed to live and work in the UK! Why?

This is exactly what happened in the recent case of Baker v Abellio London Ltd ET/2302684/2015. The employment tribunal held that an employer was allowed to fairly dismiss an employee who could not produce a document that confirmed he had the right to work in the UK, even though they accepted that he was legally resident here.

Marcia Longdon

9 December 2016

Webinar - Update on the latest immigration rule changes

In this webinar, Ilda de Sousa, Rizwana Quazi and Moji Oyediran delve deeper into the most recent changes to the Tier 2 category, as well as other relevant changes of interest to employers. The webinar will explore some of the practical impacts of these changes for employers and their work force, highlighting in particular the changes likely to have a significant impact going forward.

21 November 2016

Was the 28-day grace period for overstaying really inconsistent with the need to comply with the UK’s immigration laws?

The latest statement of changes to the immigration rules, which will primarily take effect from 24 November 2016, brings about the abolition of the '28-day period', which rather graciously allowed many applicants to apply for further leave to remain after their current leave had expired. 

Rizwana Quazi

21 November 2016

Immigration update - Further expansion of UK Registered Traveller Service

The Home Office has announced the expansion of the UK Registered Traveller Service to applicants from 16 new countries, with effect from today. Business travellers and frequent visitors will be able to benefit from faster entry to the UK as the Government’s Registered Traveller Service is expanded. Membership will now also be open to passengers from Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay, subject to meeting the membership criteria.

Nicolas Rollason

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