Business Immigration

8 July 2016

Biometric Residence Permits and National Insurance numbers

The Home Office is currently rolling out the issuance of National Insurance (NI) numbers for all applicants applying to enter the UK under the Tier 2 General, Minister of Religion or Sportsperson categories. Once an application under these categories has been submitted overseas, this triggers an application to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for an NI number to be issued. This NI number is then included on the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). At least that is what is supposed to happen.

Nicolas Rollason

21 June 2016

Why Brexit could usher in a new world of immigration red tape

With anti-immigration rhetoric pushing voters further towards a Brexit vote in the EU Referendum on 23 June, it is now clearer than ever that free movement of labour will no longer be part of our future relationship with the EU should the UK decide to leave. Indeed, Leader of the House of Commons, Chris Grayling has raised the prospect of restricting the free movement of EU citizens to the UK before we formally leave in order to “prevent a massive influx of people” moving here in a final rush before our borders are closed.

Nicolas Rollason

17 June 2016

The challenges in managing international assignments for UK based employees – where to next?

Whilst discussions regarding the EU Referendum in the UK reach a crescendo, perhaps the greatest challenge and source of frustration that lies ahead is one that will not be resolved by 24th June – uncertainty.  Irrespective of the outcome of the vote, there will be no definitive solution or clear guidelines as to what changes to the existing regulations will be implemented and more broadly how the landscape of UK immigration will be altered in the months and years to come.  In this blog, we address what may be considered as permissible activities for a short-term trip under a business visa and the key factors that should be taken into account when sending EU or non-EU national employees based in the UK on long-term global assignments.

Benjamin Sookia

27 May 2016

Webinar: UK internships - visa implications

Internships are a great way for students and recent graduates to gain some valuable work experience, and also act as a helpful screening tool for employers who may be considering offering the intern a more permanent role. Immigration issues should be considered early in the process, to ensure work permission can be obtained in good time. We often hear from potential interns and employers who have not considered visa issues until the last moment, meaning internship start dates are delayed and the time the intern can spend at the company is shortened. In this webinar, Stephen Hall considers some of the most common pitfalls and the most appropriate visa categories for paid and unpaid internships. 

5 May 2016

Coming soon: The Immigration Bill 2015

The Immigration Bill is entering the later stages of its passage through Parliament.  The Bill is currently at the “ping-pong” stage and is likely to receive the Royal Assent later in the year.  The Bill creates a number of new criminal offences which both individuals and businesses will need to be aware of and plan ahead for in order to ensure that they do not fall foul of the new offences.  A summary of some of the key proposed offences is outlined below.

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