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30 May 2017

Home Office tightens the Sponsor Licence compliance screws on IT service providers

In order to obtain a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office, IT service providers must sign up to various duties and obligations as part of the UK’s Sponsor Licence compliance regime. The Home Office takes the view that as employers benefit directly from sponsorship, they must play their part in ensuring the system is not abused.

10 May 2017

Why though?! My thoughts on retaining the net migration target

So, for the third General Election in a row, the Conservatives have decided to retain the target of reducing net migration to the tens of thousands in their manifesto. Despite failing comprehensively to achieve this in either of the last two parliaments and regardless of the voices from all sides of the electoral spectrum calling for it to be dropped, Theresa May will not be swayed.


Katie Newbury

15 March 2017

Immigration update - How will triggering Article 50 impact employers of EU nationals?

The House of Commons has voted to reject the House of Lords amendment which sought to guarantee the rights of EU nationals resident in the UK before Brexit negotiations begin. This paves the way for Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty to be triggered later this month, when the two year negotiation process will begin for the UK to leave the European Union. Although this two year period can be extended with the agreement of all 27 members, it is unlikely in reality that this will be achievable. Whilst the government has stated that negotiations regarding the rights of EU citizens will be a priority once Article 50 is triggered later this month, until this issue is decided many EU nationals will remain in limbo in the UK with on-going uncertainties regarding whether or not they can continue to reside in the UK.

Nicolas Rollason

3 January 2017

Immigration update - changes to Immigration Health Surcharge, criminal record checks and document retention rules

The UK immigration rules rarely stand still and new changes have already been introduced in 2017. In this blog we look at rule changes involving Immigration Health Surcharge, criminal record checks and document retention.

Ilda de Sousa

20 December 2016

“Fair” dismissal after failing to prove the right to work in the UK

I got dismissed from my job, even though I am allowed to live and work in the UK! Why?

This is exactly what happened in the recent case of Baker v Abellio London Ltd ET/2302684/2015. The employment tribunal held that an employer was allowed to fairly dismiss an employee who could not produce a document that confirmed he had the right to work in the UK, even though they accepted that he was legally resident here.

Marcia Longdon

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