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6 February 2012

New Court Guidelines on Social Media: To Tweet or Not to Tweet

With the increasing demand for live reporting of high-profile cases, and the proliferation in the use of Twitter, the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, has issued new Court guidelines clarifying the use of live text-based communications such as mobile email, social media (including Twitter) and internet enabled laptops in and from Courts in England and Wales:

31 January 2012

Disclosure obligations: whether documents are in a litigant’s “control”

Disclosure, as every solicitor knows, is a vitally important stage in proceedings, and we have our own duties to ensure that clients are aware of and comply with their obligations. Documents held by third parties can often be determinative and fall within the litigant’s duty of disclosure if they comply with CRP 31.6 and CPR 31.8 and are within the litigant’s “control”. In North Shore Ventures Ltd –v- Anstead Holding Inc [2012] EWCA Civ 11, the Court of Appeal examined the true nature of the relationship between a third party trustee and litigant for the purposes of deciding whether documents were in the litigant’s “control” for the purposes of disclosure.

27 January 2012

Harassment: will a change in the law provide better protection for victims of stalking?

Last week the Government launched a consultation with the aim of providing more effective protection to victims of stalking. This consultation is due to last until 5 February.

27 January 2012

Insurance Policy: Would you like to add on legal expenses insurance?

Do you know that you can buy (before the event) insurance to cover some legal expenses? An individual has a primary responsibility to pay their lawyer’s fees and not all cases can or will fit into the “no-win, no-fee bracket”.

27 January 2012

Intellectual Property: Improved access to justice for intellectual property right claims heard in the Patents County Court

On 1 October 2011, The Patents County Court (Financial Limits) (No 2) Order 2011 (SI2011/2222) came into force, introducing a £500,000 limit on the value of intellectual property (IP) right claims heard in the Patents County Court (PCC) for claims other than those relating to patents and designs.

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