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8 August 2013

Image Rights - big business in sport

Image Rights can be lucrative, and for some sports personalities and clubs, the most valuable source of revenue. However, unlike in some countries, the UK has no recognised or defined legal right in law for a person to protect their image. As a result, sportsmen and their clubs frequently seek to use other legal tools to exploit Image Rights.

Ryan Mowat

31 July 2013

Defamation & Malicious Falsehood – discussing the Peter Cruddas case - part 1

Katherine Pymont looks into the detail at the Peter Cruddas defamation and malicious falsehood case.

Katherine Pymont

19 July 2013

Interest rate swaps: potential causes of action in misselling claims

Interest rate swap misselling claims have increasingly become another key battleground area in financial services litigation against banks. However, succeeding in such claims has so far proved difficult for claimants and the recent reported cases that have gone before the Courts will have given the banks confidence in defending such claims. In a recent blog 'Claims against banks – your 10 point guide' we examined a number of issues which you should consider before bringing a claim against a bank in relation to the misselling of an interest rate hedging product or other financial product.

3 July 2013

Case Update: High Court strikes out claim for defamation where likely damages were “not worth” pursuing

In the recent case of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC v (1) Aviation News Ltd (2) Philip Tozer-Pennington [2013] EWHC 1505 (QB) the High Court refused to allow the claimant permission to amend the particulars of claim, and struck out the action on the grounds that any likely damages were not worth the expenditure that would be involved if the action were to proceed.

Katie Allard

24 June 2013

Claims against banks – your 10 point guide

There are a vast number of individuals and business considering whether to litigate against banks in the wake of the global financial crisis. Before starting any such action, it would be wise to weigh up the following issues...

Ryan Mowat

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