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9 December 2019

Organ Donation- do we know enough?

In 2020, the law around organ donation will be changing. This got me thinking - how much do I actually know about organ donation? The truth is, I know far less than I should and this was unfortunately the same amongst my circle of friends and family. Fortunately I attended an insightful talk hosted by various BAME groups such as Society of Asian Lawyers and the Association of Muslim Lawyers which opened my eyes to this life saving topic.

3 December 2019

How to complain about your GP or Hospital treatment

If you have received treatment from a medical organisation that falls below a reasonable standard and this causes you a serious injury, a specialist medical negligence solicitor can assist you in bringing a legal claim for compensation.

Aideen McGarry

3 December 2019

Unequal Healthcare for Patients with Learning Disabilities

BBC News recently featured a video highlighting one family’s struggle to ensure that the avoidable death of their loved one, Paul Ridd, never happens again. Paul Ridd’s death in 2009 at Swansea’s Morriston Hospital was found by an inquest to have been contributed to by the hospital’s neglect.

Eleanor Lynch

25 November 2019

Still waiting in A&E…

Last year I wrote a blog about my experience in A&E and explored the government’s national A&E target to admit and/or treat 95% of patients within 4 hours . I was shocked to see how far the target was missed, and a year later, I’m getting a sense of Déjà vu….

20 November 2019

Genetic testing and pregnancy

The Times yesterday reported on a clinical negligence claim, currently being heard in the High Court, in which a central issue relates to whether or not there is an obligation to tell a pregnant patient that a relative has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder.

Suzanne Farg

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