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17 October 2019

World Cerebral Palsy Day 2019

6 October 2019 saw World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day.  The World Cerebral Palsy Initiative describes the purpose of this day as raising awareness and celebrating the achievements of those with CP, as well an opportunity to seek solutions to everyday problems and more.

Suzanne Farg

15 October 2019

Delayed diagnosis - another NHS inquiry leaves those left behind angry and in disbelief

The widower of a 49-year-old mother of two, who died from cervical cancer after being repeatedly failed by the NHS, has spoken out about a report into his wife’s death. Julie O’Connor tragically passed away in February 2019 following a late diagnosis of cervical cancer. Mrs O’Conner first went for a smear test in September 2014 which came back negative. After persistent symptoms, and five further visits to an NHS hospital over two years, Mrs O’Connor saw a private Consultant who finally identified a tumour. There had been a clear misdiagnosis and, rightly, an independent report was commissioned by the Trust. However it unfortunately appears that – once again – an NHS Trust has missed the mark, with Mr O’Connor describing it as “lamentable from start to finish”.

Christopher James

15 October 2019

Virtual GP apps will revolutionise medical care and the medical negligence landscape

You may have seen a growing number of advertising campaigns for “virtual” GP applications (“apps”) on your daily commute. These apps offer patients the chance to arrange a video or telephone appointment with a GP. The patient can then book a face-to-face appointment if necessary. Some of the providers offer a free service because it qualifies for NHS funding. These apps bring about benefits but also risks and unanswered questions around liability and medical negligence.

Eurydice Cote

10 October 2019

The loneliness of the elderly and considering the need for ‘buddies’ as part of medical negligence claims

Earlier this week, I read Sue Perkins’ comments in Huffpost about her experiment of living in total isolation as part of Age UK’s campaign concerning loneliness in the elderly. The purpose of this experiment was to raise awareness of the very real problem we face in this country, regarding our elderly citizens living alone, with little to no real communication with the outside world.

Laura Sylvester

3 October 2019

Birth Injury Early Notification scheme

This month sees the NHS resolution publishing “The Early Notification scheme progress report” for year one of the scheme (2017 to 2018). 

The aim of the scheme is “to support the stated government priorities to halve the rate of stillbirth, neonatal death and brain injury and improve the safety of maternity care while also responding to the needs of families where clinical negligence is identified including through early admissions of liability where appropriate.”

Kate Rohde

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