Kingsley Napley adopts the Halo Code

19 April 2021

Kingsley Napley is proud to announce that it has signed up to the Halo Code and has formally incorporated it into its dress and appearance policy.

The Halo Code protects employees with hairstyles associated with their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural identities including afros, braids and cornrows, headscarves and wraps. It encourages employers to recognise that hair texture and style have no bearing on an employee’s ability to succeed in the workplace. Supporters of the Code pledge to ensure that no member of their community will face barriers or judgement because of their hair.

Kingsley Napley ‘s Senior Partner Stephen Parkinson comments:

As a firm, we want to ensure that all of our people feel able and comfortable to be their authentic selves at work without fear of discrimination. Our core values of Respect, Fairness and Understanding help underpin our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion. However, we are delighted to support the Halo campaign, the UK’s first black hair code, to go that step further and as a way of positively demonstrating our commitment to an inclusive community and culture at Kingsley Napley. This is important not only to ensure that we better understand each other; it also makes us better placed to meet our clients’ needs.”

Kingsley Napley partner Shannett Thompson and Head of the firm’s BAME committee comments:

The Halo Collective is doing great work to shine a light on the problem of race-based hair discrimination in the UK. For too long some have felt they need to change their hairstyles to conform in the workplace or that hairstyle accentuated their difference in a negative way. Kingsley Napley’s support for the Halo Code sends a powerful message to our community and potential recruits that difference is natural and to be celebrated. We are proud to be joining the growing list of UK employers who feel this is important.”

Further information

Visit the halo collective website to find out more about the Halo Code in the workplace.

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