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10 August 2018

Is it time to re-visit Bolton?

If you’re in any way involved in the world of professional regulation it can’t have escaped your attention that the definition of what may constitute a lack of integrity has recently been defined, and arguably widened, by the Court of Appeal.

Iain Miller

7 August 2018

Solicitor challenges SDT’s restrictions on practice successfully

Whilst many solicitors before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) facing an integrity allegation would be relieved to avoid a strike off, the ability of the SDT to impose continuing restrictions on practice can have severe consequences on one’s career and the ability to earn a living. 

Sian Jones

3 August 2018

Collateral damage - when regulatory findings harm the reputations of third parties

Whilst many people might be relieved not to be the subject to the scrutiny of a regulatory investigation, imagine the horror when a regulator publishes a written decision which makes criticisms of you in circumstances where you have not been given an opportunity to defend yourself?

Sian Jones

25 July 2018

Dealing with sexual allegations in the workplace

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), the body which regulates solicitors in England & Wales, recently told Bloomberg that it has received more sexual misconduct and harassment complaints in the first half of fiscal year 2017-18 (19 complaints) compared with the whole of 2016-17 (12 complaints) and that the complaints for both years are markedly higher than earlier years, demonstrating the powerful effect of the #metoo movement on the legal sector.

Kirsty Churm

3 July 2018

New (over-complicated) professional standards for UKCP and BACP members

The professional standards for both UKCP and BACP members are having a revamp; are they clear, understandable and fit for purpose?

Julie Norris

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