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How to sell yourself in 1000 words

5 June 2020

Many of us will recall that particular feeling of dread when you have to write a personal statement or cover letter. It may bring back uncomfortable memories of that time you applied to university or last applied for that job you so desperately wanted. Many a brilliant person may find it difficult to confidently respond when asked ‘what makes you special’? There are a lot of reasons why extolling your strengths may not come naturally. One reason might be ‘imposter syndrome’, when people feel they are not good enough or worthy of their position. Studies show that imposter syndrome is something experienced by the majority of people at some point and also felt disproportionately by women and people of colour. Other challenges may be cultural, particularly where someone has grown up believing it is inappropriate to be ‘immodest’ about their achievements.

When considering an application for an endorsement from Tech Nation under the Global Talent visa route, the question to be answered may seem even scarier: What makes you a leader or potential leader in your field?

It is an understandably daunting question and one few will know where to begin when answering, let alone having to condense their answer into a mere 1000 words. We have put together a few top tips for preparing a personal statement.

Tech Nation want to know about you and what you will contribute to the UK digital tech community they are helping to grow. In our experience it is helpful to keep this at the front of your mind when preparing to tackle your personal statement.

As a starting point we can recommend giving thought to the following questions:

  • Why is the UK the right place for you and your skills?
  • What do you think is missing from the UK digital tech ecosystem?
  • What do you plan to do in the UK?
  • How will that address the gap you have identified?
  • How will the UK digital tech ecosystem benefit from that?

Whilst it is of course helpful to touch on some of your career highlights, remember that your space is limited, and you will have the opportunity to show off your experience in the rest of the application. When talking about your past achievements ensure that you are doing so with reference to the key and qualifying criteria you are looking to satisfy, and also linking what you learned from those experiences or the skills that you have gained to your plans for the UK. It’s all about building a coherent narrative and optimising the limited space which you have.

Finally, remember that a second pair of eyes is always helpful! If you would like assistance with your application for endorsement by Tech Nation please get in contact with one of the experienced members of our immigration team and they would be delighted to assist.

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