22 January 2020

38% of businesses hit by internal fraud in the last year : Is your business prepared?

Kroll's 11th annual edition of its Global Fraud and Risk Report, released at the end of 2019, highlights that 38% of businesses in the UK suffered loss as a result of fraudulent actions of persons within the company or organisation in the year from March/April 2018 to March/April 2019. 

Fiona Simpson

20 January 2020

Cutting a long story short: Reform of witness evidence in the Business & Property Courts

The Business & Property Courts Witness Evidence Working Group has published its final report concerning reforms to the current practice surrounding witness evidence. The report shows that while there is broad consensus in favour of reform, there is a divergence of views amongst members of the legal profession and court users as to how it should be achieved. As such, the report’s recommendations are quite modest, especially when viewed against some of the more radical proposals considered by the working group.

Richard Clayman

28 November 2019

Contempt of court: the prospect of prison, even before proceedings are issued

The Courts are cracking down on those who fail to abide by, or act in complete disregard of, court orders and procedures. Individuals and companies alike should be aware that their actions, even before proceedings are issued, can come under the remit of the Court , their actions can be found to be in contempt of court and significant sanctions can be imposed.

Emily Greig

24 July 2019

Freezing Injunctions: Which assets are covered by a standard freezing order?

What is considered an 'asset' in freezing orders?

Hannah Fitzwilliam

2 August 2018

Court unlikely to depart from default position of full disclosure (PJSC Tatneft v Bogolyubov and others)

This article was first published on Lexis®PSL Dispute Resolution on 27 July 2018

Fiona Simpson

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