Extradition and international crime

29 January 2019

Dubai: The enforcement of orders made in family proceedings and the role of Interpol

Last year, a report from Dubai spoke of the attempts by a mother to recover her daughter, apparently kidnapped by the child’s father and taken to Russia.  The mother had been awarded custody in the Personal Status Court (PSC) of Dubai in circumstances where an extradition request had been made against her by the Russian authorities.

25 January 2019

No deal Brexit and financial crime: proposed regulations published

The next in this series of our “no deal Brexit” blogs looks at the implications for measures tackling proceeds of crime. As politicians continue to wrangle over the future, one of the latest technical regulations designed to prepare for a no deal Brexit has been published – that which relates to policing and criminal justice - The Law Enforcement and Security (Amendment) (EU exit) Regulations 2019 (the Regulations).

Jonathan Grimes

23 January 2019

No deal Brexit: what this would mean for extradition?

Given the current parliamentary turmoil, Whitehall is proceeding at pace with a multitude of regulations, guidance and policies to prepare for a “no deal” Brexit – the consequence of leaving the EU on 29 March 2019 with no transitional arrangement in place or the prospect of a future relationship secured.  A large number of statutory instruments are being prepared that introduce regulations to “address failures of retained EU law to operate effectively or address other legislative deficiencies arising from the UK’s withdrawal from the EU." This will provide “legal and operational certainty” – so we are told.

Rebecca Niblock

10 January 2019

Corporate and individual accountability for international crimes: Kingsley Napley hosts second International Criminal Law Conference

On 18th January 2019 Kingsley Napley will host its second International Criminal Law Conference, at The Charterhouse in Clerkenwell. The afternoon event, introduced by Rodney Dixon QC, will see two expert panels consider themes under the heading “Closing the Impunity Gap: Accountability for individuals and corporates for international crimes.”

Katherine Tyler

7 January 2019

“A sorry state of affairs” – Lazarov v Bulgaria and R (Lazarov) v Westminster Magistrates’ Court

In the case of Lazarov v Bulgaria the High Court found itself in some legal difficulty as it sought to deal with an appeal against an extradition judgment from Westminster Magistrates’ Court that was replete with mistakes.

Fred Allen

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