Extradition and international crime

15 June 2020

Dying hope for a post-Brexit extradition deal

Britain and the EU are unlikely to agree on an alternative to the European arrest warrant. Extradition arrangements between Britain and EU have been low on the list of post-Brexit negotiating priorities.

Yet recent developments in the Madeleine McCann case highlight what the UK stands to lose if no deal is struck on future criminal law enforcement co-operation — and how Brexit has already affected arrangements around the European arrest warrant.

Alison Riley

21 May 2020

Mutual Legal Assistance in action - Met Police raid London addresses at request of Brazilian authorities

On 14 May 2020 Metropolitan Police officers carried out two search and seizure warrants on behalf of Brazilian prosecutors investigating $5 million in alleged bribes paid to politicians in the state of Amapá in connection with a railroad contract.

Alison Riley

12 May 2020

What is an Interpol Red Notice and what are the practical implications for Anne Sacoolas?

In a surprising development, Interpol has reportedly issued a Red Notice for Anne Sacoolas in relation to her alleged involvement in the death of 19 year old Harry Dunn last year.  

Will Hayes

28 April 2020

Mutual Legal Assistance and the US: a more anxious case than usual

The Supreme Court’s recent judgment addresses fundamental legal principles and underscores the UK’s longstanding opposition to the death penalty. It does not go as far as it might but it has brought us a great deal closer to protecting the absolute right to life and underscores the serious and extraordinary scrutiny which must be applied in all cases involving the provision of assistance where there is a risk of the imposition of the death penalty.

Áine Kervick

8 April 2020

What are Interpol Red Notices and how can you get them removed?

Over 13,000 INTERPOL Red Notices were issued last year. Even if a person is not arrested pursuant to a Red Notice, the notice itself will cause considerable difficulties, preventing them from travelling and causing significant reputational damage. This blog looks at how you can challenge an Interpol Red Notice and get it deleted.

Will Hayes

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