Giving Something Back

12 May 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 at Kingsley Napley - a recap

As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, we recap the fantastic efforts of from around the firm to raise awareness, encourage conversations about mental health and together #endthestigma

Colleen Nwaodor

8 May 2017

Embracing Mental Health Awareness Week at Kingsley Napley #maketimeforyou

This year, we are again marking Mental Health Awareness Week alongside thousands of  organisations across the globe. To raise awareness and support the work towards ending the stigma around mental health issues, we have organised a week long campaign to encourage conversations about mental health.

Linda Woolley

8 March 2017

IWD: Just asking for a conversation - why International Women’s Day is still relevant

One wet weekend in January, when a group of colleagues and I were half way through planning an internal event for International Women’s Day and grappling with how to present it to the firm, the importance of celebrating the day became crystal clear to me. 

Roberta Draper

8 March 2017

IWD: Don't forget the chaps today…

The theme for today's International Women's Day – "accelerating gender parity" – will resonate with a legal profession striving to improve its record on gender balance in the workplace.

Jane Keir

6 March 2017

IWD: Women’s global struggle

Previous blogs on the topic of IWD have looked at the struggles in the developed world, and the on-going challenges we face. For a huge proportion of women however, the battle is not just about equal pay but the right to basic things such as education, work, and the freedom to dress and speak as they wish. Whilst we seen some progress in many parts of the world in gender inequalities, significant gaps persist in some countries. 

Diva Shah

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