Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion of all is how we live our values at Kingsley Napley. We recognise that valuing each other’s individuality and difference brings strength to the teams we work in, our departments and the firm as a whole.

Our values of teamwork and respect as well as fairness and understanding underpin our equality and diversity policy and our open and friendly culture breeds inclusivity.

At Kingsley Napley we value everyone as individuals and have a consultative approach throughout the firm, from departmental strategy to key firm wide decisions. We encourage everyone to participate in firm wide discussions and share ideas as we believe in harnessing the diverse perspectives of everyone in the firm. It makes us better placed to meet our client needs, understand each other, work together, and strengthen the culture of the firm.

We are committed to ensuring all of our people have full opportunity to maximise their potential, for themselves and for the firm, and the key to this is embedding diversity and inclusion in all recruitment processes, our internal practices such as promotion and training, and working environment. Read about our culture, and what it is like to work at Kingsley Napley.

The Law Society's Diversity and Inclusion Charter

Kingsley Napley is proud to be a signatory to the Law Society's charter to demonstrate its shared commitment with The Law Society to promoting equality and diversity in the legal profession. Kingsley Napley representatives work with the Law Society and other signatories to identify and develop best practice in delivering this commitment internally.

Our data is published in line with the Law Society's Diversity and Inclusion Charter, and in accordance with SRA guidelines. The data can be found here.


The Diversity & Inclusion group

At Kingsley Napley, we have a Diversity & Inclusion group which, in conjunction with the Human Resources Department, is integral to progressing the firm’s D&I related initiatives, raising awareness and educating the firm on diversity and inclusion issues and building on the firm’s efforts externally through networks and events.

The group is voluntary and is made up of interested and engaged individuals who have a passion for diversity and inclusion generally, as well as specific areas of interest or personal importance. As a result, engagement is excellent and the group are committed to bringing new ideas to the table and driving forward events and initiatives.

The Diversity & Inclusions group focus on a number of key areas at the moment, but are always open to new initiatives brought forward by our members. Our current areas of focus are:

LGBTQ & Allies group

We have an LGBTQ & Allies group which is a part of our overall Diversity & Inclusion group and contributes to all diversity and inclusion initiatives in the firm.  However, the sub-group has been formed to drive LGBTQ focused awareness initiatives and events within the firm and also develop external relationships within our immediate community.

The primary objective of the LGBTQ sub-group is to create a cross-practice team (network) of individuals to champion and take forward internal and external engagement on issues affecting LGBTQ employees in the legal sector and across the City.  While much has been achieved in recent years to change political and social attitudes, homophobia still exists in the workplace today and the effects on individuals can be devastating. 

The group aims to ensure that Kingsley Napley provides a visible and valued support network for LGBTQ employees, and collectively, working with Stonewall and other bodies we will work towards ensuring the firm is recognised as an employer of choice within the LGBTQ community.

Mentoring and social mobility

We have listened to feedback from our people who wanted to give time and their expertise, as well as funding and work experience opportunities. To respond to this, we have committed to supporting a number of organisations, put forward by D&I group members, and these are:

Our people are encouraged to take up mentoring opportunities with the above organisations, as well as panel talks and events to provide access to the legal profession and share their knowledge and expertise.

Kingsley Napley has signed the Social Mobility Pledge to improve access and equal opportunities in the legal sector.

Mental health

At Kingsley Napley we recognise that everyone will at times need support with their mental health either for a short term issue or an on-going condition and are committed to supporting our people through these issues.

We are committed to maintaining a culture where individuals feel they are able to discuss their concerns or mental health condition without fear of prejudice or discrimination and be treated with dignity in the workplace and seek the support they need. Our wellbeing policy covers mental health matters and provides guidance on seeking help and support. We also provide support to our Employee Assistance helpline and Private Medical Insurance, which is a core benefit at Kingsley Napley.

We have also worked with LawCare to raise awareness about stress and mental health in the workplace and have held a number of events to mark World Mental Health Day each October, and at the last event we had an inspiring and incredibly honest speech from a member of the firm about their personal experiences. Events like these bring the issues of mental health to the forefront, and utilise our open and inclusive culture so that we can further break down the stigma attached to mental health conditions and the barriers preventing people seeking the necessary support.

These are only some of our focus areas, and have a broad range of interests within our Diversity & Inclusion group that we haven’t showcased here.


Past events

The Diversity & Inclusion Group have also hosted events over the last year and a half, which as well as raising awareness on certain issues and causes, have had a social element to them and to allow people to come together over a joint interest:

  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • International Day against homophobia
  • Boxing Academy students visited the KN Offices
  • World Mental Health Day
  • An evening with Kingsley Napley with Urban Lawyers
  • National Pride Student Fair
  • World ethnicity lunch


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