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12 November 2020

Insolvency Practitioners: the regulator’s reach is wide when it comes to integrity

It goes without saying that Insolvency Practitioners must behave honestly and with integrity in all their professional dealings.  IPs must handle money and assets in a way which justifies the trust placed in them, but some professionals don’t realise that the way they behave on a Saturday night may be just as relevant to their ability to continue in their chosen profession as the way they behave on a Monday morning.   

Julie Matheson

3 November 2020

The ICAEW’s new guidance on reporting misconduct: a wider net

In October the ICAEW updated its Guidance on the Duty to Report Misconduct.  The ICAEW first issued Guidance on this topic way back in 1993.  While amendments have been made since then to update references to legislation, bye-laws and guidance, this is the first wholesale re-issue.  So what’s changed?  The fundamental principle that it’s in the public interest to report matters which, if left unreported, could adversely affect the reputation of the profession, remains the same .  However, there are some quite significant changes to the detail of what should be reported, reflecting a shift in attitudes since 1993 in the requirements and expectations of professionals. The new Guidance adds to this the need to report matters which, if left unreported, could adversely affect the reputation of the ICAEW, as the regulator.

Julie Matheson

7 October 2020

Audit reviews: the process, pitfalls and published themes – how to get the best outcome when faced with an adverse finding

In our blog series, we have dealt with how the accountancy regulators put their spotlight on audit quality, and how firms should prepare for an audit quality visit from their regulator to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Sophie Bolzonello

16 July 2020

Audit reviews: the process, pitfalls and published themes

Audit is more in the spotlight than ever.  The financial news pages seem to have a constant stream of stories about corporate collapses, with the inevitable commentary about how the auditor of the collapsed entity is likely to face a regulatory investigation.

Julie Matheson

6 July 2020

The Financial Reporting Council announces its plans for the ‘Big Four’ to ring-fence their audit practices

Following a number of high-profile corporate collapses in the last few years, audit quality has been the  subject of intense regulatory focus.  In recent times, significant changes to audit regulation were proposed by Sir John Kingman; the CMA made recommendations around ‘operational split’; and, late last year, Sir Donald Brydon endorsed the CMA’s suggested approach in recommending the formation of a separate audit industry with its own governing principles.

Julie Matheson

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