Preventing Complaints

22 September 2017

How to identify, treat and guard against the destructive motives of a (closet) psychopath

Closet psychopaths often enter therapy with the express intention of psychologically tormenting the therapist; intent on complaining and pursuing compensation in court. Can therapists learn to spot clients with these tendencies and what can be done if one finds their way to your consulting room?

Julie Norris

20 August 2015

Therapists and Counsellors - The Dos and Don'ts of dealing with a patient complaint

More and more therapists and counsellors are registered with voluntary regulators: CNHC, ACP, BPAC to name a few. Whilst undoubtedly positive for your reputation to be a member, part of the role of the regulators is to receive complaints and act upon them – these could range from an allegation of not adequately advising on all treatment options, to the alleged sexual assault of a patient.

This blog first appeared as an article in Holisitc Therapy Magazine in August 2015.

Julie Norris

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