Strokes – the importance of acting F-A-S-T to avoid brain injury

30 October 2019

The consequences of a stroke can be life changing and it is critical to recognise the signs and symptoms of a stroke and act FAST (Face, Arms, Speech, Time to call an ambulance) as a delay in treatment can result in serious injuries and even death. In addition to recognising the signs and symptoms of stroke, it is important that people take preventative measures. Treatment and advice should be sought by those suffering from high blood pressure in order to prevent a stroke in the future.

Unfortunately, whilst the warning signs are often clear, there are incidences in which medical professionals fail to recognise the vulnerability to a stroke and the warning signs and symptoms of stroke and patients are misdiagnosed and not treated appropriately.  As a result, these patients often go on to suffer brain injuries with life changing consequences. In many of these cases, it is possible to prove that had the medical professional treated the patient in a timely manner the life changing consequences could have been avoided.

Our medical negligence and personal injury team has dealt with a number of medical negligence cases involving strokes and brain injuries (and sometimes death) that resulted from:

  • Failure to treat patients suffering from high blood pressure over a period of time;
  • Failure to recognise the symptoms of a stroke in patients who attended their GP or hospital for treatment;
  • Failure to treat patients suffering from a stroke who attended hospital for treatment; and
  • Failure to refer patients to specialist doctors for treatment of their pre-existing medical conditions that made them susceptible to high blood pressure.

Living with a brain injury can be extremely tough for the patient and their family.  When supporting clients with brain injuries, we are committed to, and experienced in, ensuring that our clients receive the necessary support and rehabilitation to ensure they make an optimal recovery.  There is also invaluable support offered by various organisations to those who have suffered a brain injury.  One of the organisations we work closely with is Headway. They support individuals, carers and their families at every stage from the very moment the brain injury occurs.

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