Can I transfer my case to Kingsley Napley?

23 March 2017

Kingsley Napley’s Clinical Negligence and Private Client teams will be attending the Naidex conference between 28 and 30 March.

Often we get approached at events like Naidex by people asking whether they can change solicitors midway through their case. 

The simple answer is yes.

If you are unhappy with the service you have received, or want your litigation and financial affairs to be dealt with by the same firm, then we would be happy to meet with you and discuss your claim.

In our experience, people often change firms of solicitors because at the outset of the claim they didn’t realise how big or complicated their claim was going to be, or that they would need specialist clinical negligence solicitors.

Our medical negligence team are nationally recognised as leaders in their fields by independent directories.  We are used to acting for people who don’t have capacity after a brain injury, or for families where a child has recently received a cerebral palsy diagnosis, and often work closely with our Court of Protection Deputyship team to provide an all-round service.

We believe very strongly that it is important for our clients to feel that they will get on with their solicitor, and that as a firm we are the right fit for them.  Therefore, we are always happy to meet with prospective clients, free of charge, so that they can get to know us a little before deciding whether or not to entrust their very important cases to us.  In the past we have also arranged for prospective clients to talk with some of our existing clients, in order to get a more rounded view of the service that we provide.

As to the practicalities, once a client has decided to change firms we make contact with the existing solicitors, give them the necessary undertakings, and the files are then transferred to us.  We try to do this in as friendly a way as possible, because we recognise that it is important to be on good terms with our predecessors.  Once the files have been transferred to us, the first thing that we do is read into them, in order to become completely up to speed on the case, and to identify the work that needs to be done.

If you would like to discuss moving your case to us, please contact the Clinical Negligence team. If you are attending Naidex, our partner Richard Lodge looks forward to meeting you.

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Court of Protection and Deputyship

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Kingsley Napley LLP Solicitors' dedicated, supportive Court of Protection & Deputyship and Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury teams offer specialist legal services for those seeking compensation and those needing assistance in managing their financial affairs following a compensation award.

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