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12 November 2019

No finding of dishonesty – dispensed with in quick order

SRA v Siaw [2019] EWHC 2737 (Admin)

Sophie Bolzonello

8 November 2019

StaRs: Stand up and be accountable

In this blog in our series about the new SRA Standards and Regulations (StaRs), Shannett Thompson blogs about accountability - including the need to exercise judgement independently, be prepared to be held accountable for the way in which it is exercised; and ensure it is documented.

Shannett Thompson

5 November 2019

StaRs: Reporting concerns - understanding your obligations

In the second blog in this series, we referred to the cooperating and reporting obligations in the new Codes of Conduct being notably different, when compared to corresponding provisions in the 2011 Code of Conduct and to other rules and regulations in the 2011 Handbook. 

Iain Miller

31 October 2019

Ethics and what’s expected of you

It’s not the SRA that protects the public from rogue solicitors and law firms. It is the ethical choices underpinning the millions of decisions made by lawyers every day when no one is looking. Ethics is personal and while the SRA can set standards, guide conduct and provide the right framework and enforce robustly, it cannot watch over everyone all the time. Nor should it.

28 October 2019

SRA and the regulation of your personal life

The new scheme heralds a sharper focus by the SRA on declaring and upholding proper standards in the private lives of those within its regulatory reach.

Julie Norris

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