15 March 2017

Immigration update - How will triggering Article 50 impact employers of EU nationals?

The House of Commons has voted to reject the House of Lords amendment which sought to guarantee the rights of EU nationals resident in the UK before Brexit negotiations begin. This paves the way for Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty to be triggered later this month, when the two year negotiation process will begin for the UK to leave the European Union. Although this two year period can be extended with the agreement of all 27 members, it is unlikely in reality that this will be achievable. Whilst the government has stated that negotiations regarding the rights of EU citizens will be a priority once Article 50 is triggered later this month, until this issue is decided many EU nationals will remain in limbo in the UK with on-going uncertainties regarding whether or not they can continue to reside in the UK.

Nicolas Rollason

25 January 2017

Brexit - what French nationals in the UK need to know

Theresa May still says that Article 50 will be triggered before the end of March. If that happens, the UK will be out of the EU by April 2019. It’s looking increasingly likely that it’s going to be a hard Brexit or even a chaotic Brexit. In those scenarios, sooner or later the UK will end free movement for EU citizens. French people who have made the UK their home want to know what to do.

Kim Vowden

24 January 2017

Brexit – ce que les Français au Royaume-Uni doivent savoir

Theresa May continue de dire que l'article 50 sera déclenché d’ici la fin du mois de mars. Si cela se produit, le Royaume-Uni sortira de l'UE avant avril 2019. Un Brexit dur ou même un Brexit chaotique semble de plus en plus probable. Dans ces cas de figure, tôt ou tard le Royaume-Uni mettra fin à la libre circulation pour les citoyens de l'UE. Les Français établis au Royaume-Uni doivent savoir quelles démarches entreprendre pour pouvoir rester en toute confiance.

Kim Vowden

18 January 2017

Theresa May signals an end to free movement and leaves EU citizens here and British citizens abroad in limbo

Theresa May’s eagerly anticipated speech on the UK’s starting point for negotiations on Brexit, has sketched a very broad outline of her intentions with respect to immigration from the EU moving forward. However when you get up close there is little new detail and her comments have, arguably, raised more questions than they have answered. 

Katie Newbury

14 December 2016

Local authorities roll out new streamlined services for British citizenship and Permanent Residence applications

In recent months the Home Office, in partnership with local authorities, has rolled out a number of new initiatives for those making British citizenship applications and for EEA nationals applying for documents certifying they have acquired Permanent Residence under EU law. These new services offer a number of benefits for applicants, not least the ability to retain an original passport whilst an application is being processed but also speeding up the processing time. Set out in this blog is a brief overview of these new services and the benefits they provide.

Maeve Keenan

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