Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements

11 March 2014

Pre-nuptial agreements - what’s gender got to do with it?

Whether pre-nuptial agreements are less fair to women is debatable and, the recently published Law Commission’s recent report raises some important gender issues.  The report states that, “…concerns about gender equality and fairness are linked to a general view that the financially weaker spouse, perhaps financially weaker because of childcare responsibilities, should not be left with nothing at the end of the marriage.” 

6 March 2014

Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Bargaining in the Shadow of Love

Last week, the Law Commission published its recommendations on the issue of “qualifying nuptial agreements” (meaning prenuptial and postnuptial agreements). 

25 February 2014

The legal position of prenups and postnups in England – is it all about to change?

Once reserved for the American glitterati, their terms splashed across the headlines of celeb magazines, prenups are now becoming more popular on our side of the Atlantic.  However, regardless of common perception, nuptial agreements (pre/post) are still not legally binding in England and Wales - though the position may be about to change.

Lauren Evans

25 November 2013

Madrid - London - Edinburgh: short-haul distances but a world apart when relationships break down

Connie Atkinson reflects on issues facing families who travel or move internationally when relationships break down. She attended a recent family law conference in Scotland, where a case study involving a young Spanish couple who moved to London and also bought a house near Dundee was discussed.  The speakers paused throughout the session to advise the wife in the case study which, when advised by lawyers in England & Wales, Scotland and Spain respectively, highlighted the differences between each country’s approach to dealing with family law issues.

Connie Atkinson

27 March 2013

“Intolerable Cruelty” and the uncertainty of pre-nuptial agreements in England and Wales

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s divorce settlement is edging closer and now we know there is no pre-nuptial agreement (unlike the Coen brothers film of the above name). Hollywood being what it is, the onetime highest grossing female actress is in the autumn of her career and Ashton is now the wealthy younger buck. Demi wants some of the financial action. After all she was the bigger Hollywood player when they got together and gave his career a leg-up.

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