Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements

30 November 2018

Good Divorce Week: top tips for achieving a ‘good’ divorce (and yes, it is possible…)

Divorce can be a long and difficult process, not just for the parties themselves, but also for family members, mutual friends and, crucially, any children caught in the middle. While it will never be easy, approaching divorce in the right way can help to reduce conflict and streamline the process, allowing you each to move on as respectfully and efficiently as possible. In conjunction with Resolution’s campaign this week, here are our top tips for a #GoodDivorce.

Liam Hurren

9 May 2018

Reflections on The Split – Episode 3: Behaving badly

This week’s episode of The Split was all about bad behaviour, both in the court room and at home. Not even our favourite characters were spared, soon-to-be-wed Rose made a pass at her vicar and not-so-dependable husband and father Nathan overstepped the mark with his sister-in-law, Nina, following a high-octane game of Nerf Gun Wars with his children and their estranged grandfather.

Olivia Stiles

2 May 2018

Reflections on The Split – Episode 2: Heads, hearts and prenups

So, as the dust starts to settle following the launch last week of BBC’s new drama series  based on the loves and lives of an all-female family of divorce lawyers, we can start to predict where it might go in terms of entanglements between the main players. My money would be pretty safe on Hannah (played by Nicola Walker) and Christie (played by Barry Atsma) picking up where they left off on the eve of her wedding and will the younger sister, Rose (played by Fiona Button), actually marry her fiancé after she was last seen ripping apart her wedding dress following a meeting with her father who, it turns out, she had never actually met as he walked out on the family when she was much too young to remember. Grim portends indeed.

Jane Keir

23 February 2018

Divorce - no laughing matter

Is there anything funny about divorce?  If you are a comedian then the answer is probably yes.  John Cleese went on an “Alimony Tour” to fund his divorce settlement.  “I am here, my friends, because frankly I need the money”.  Groucho Marx, when asked why he continued to spend so much time with his former wife Eden replied “I like to be near my money”.

11 January 2018

Got the new year relationship blues? Try a reconciliation contract

Although the spike in divorce inquiries on the first working Monday of January is largely media myth, there is no doubt that many couples assess the health of their relationship as the new year dawns. For those willing to work on their marriage rather than press the destruct button there is a new tool available called a reconciliation contract.

Jane Keir

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