Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements

5 December 2019

French matrimonial regimes: the wide ranging impact for couples with Anglo French connections

We discuss the various aspects that you should consider from a family and inheritance or succession perspective when deciding which matrimonial regime to elect (or whether to create another type of agreement), including what will happen by default if you do not select any. 

Colleen Hall (née Nwaodor)

29 October 2019

The Indian “joint family” and the challenges of protecting family wealth on divorce

The “joint family” is a concept which most Indians will be familiar with, even those growing up in a less traditional family set up in England. In India, it is seen as the most desirable set up for families as a way to retain wealth and working together.  However, the concept of ‘sharing as needed’ can place the family wealth under significant risk of attack upon divorce and create unnecessary (and often costly) complexity and financial uncertainty at an already difficult time.


Sital Fontenelle

28 June 2019

Pre-nups and second look States - not so different after all?

Jane Keir writes for Family Law on pre-nups and second look States. In this, she compares English prenups with the position in certain states in the US where they take a second look at the time of marriage breakdown to see if the terms are fair.

Jane Keir

21 May 2019

Preserving family wealth with a prenuptial agreement: how best to protect farming assets on a divorce

Recent years have seen pre-nuptial agreements move from the world of the super-rich to being a tool many now consider in advance of marriage. Abby Buckland, senior associate in the family and divorce team, sets out how they are viewed by the courts and how to correctly set up such an agreement.

Abby Buckland

12 April 2019

Courts must not rip up precedent on pre-nups

In this blog by Jane Keir, which was first published in The Times, she writes about a recent decision not to implement an agreement, which has unsettled lawyers’ faith in the system.

Jane Keir

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