Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements

23 February 2018

Divorce - no laughing matter

Is there anything funny about divorce?  If you are a comedian then the answer is probably yes.  John Cleese went on an “Alimony Tour” to fund his divorce settlement.  “I am here, my friends, because frankly I need the money”.  Groucho Marx, when asked why he continued to spend so much time with his former wife Eden replied “I like to be near my money”.

11 January 2018

Got the new year relationship blues? Try a reconciliation contract

Although the spike in divorce inquiries on the first working Monday of January is largely media myth, there is no doubt that many couples assess the health of their relationship as the new year dawns. For those willing to work on their marriage rather than press the destruct button there is a new tool available called a reconciliation contract.

Jane Keir

24 August 2017

Reconciliation Contracts – an alternative to divorce?

As I read the stop press news last week about the possibility Angelina Jolie might be pressing pause on her divorce, given Brad’s reported willingness to address his drinking problem, it got me wondering about whether they were considering a Reconciliation Contract which is a popular post-nup tool in the US. 

Jane Keir

14 August 2017

Anglo French prenuptial agreements – the myths of cross channel protection and the global prenup?

I am regularly asked to advise French and international couples on the protective agreements available to them before they marry.  They are often surprised to learn that it isn’t possible to draft a global prenuptial agreement which would be enforceable throughout the world, wherever the couple move to in the future.  

10 April 2017

Present and future laws on prenuptial agreements – will they or won’t they stand up in court?

The debate on prenuptial agreements continues in earnest although the government shows no sign of addressing the complexities and pitfalls in relation to their enforceability. During his address to the University of Bristol Law Club on 22 March 2017, Supreme Court Justice Lord Wilson of Culworth raised the topic of prenups once again, suggesting that the current state of affairs may be inappropriately intrusive and in need of government review. While we await further legislative clarification on the position of prenups, Colleen sets out in this blog a reminder about their current status under English law.

Colleen Hall (née Nwaodor)

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