Divorce & Separation

17 April 2020

Am I stuck with my divorce settlement after coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the world dramatically. It can feel as though the ground is shifting beneath your feet. If you are recently divorced, or are currently getting divorced, that feeling may be a familiar one. We can’t predict what the health implications of COVID-19 will be for us individually, or for the community we live in, but some economic effects are already being felt by many who have already either lost their jobs, been furloughed or had a reduction in income. In this rapidly evolving environment where people’s financial circumstances are changing, many are asking if their divorce settlement still applies. In this blog, which is the first in a series on the subject, we set out some preliminary guidance.

Jane Keir

16 April 2020

COVID-19: Surmonter les difficultés du partage des responsabilités parentales pour les parents séparés ou divorcés

Suite aux restrictions annoncées par le gouvernement hier soir imposant que chacun reste chez soi et loin des autres pour aider à gérer la crise du Coronavirus, des informations supplémentaires ont été publiés à propos des restrictions mises en place dans le cadre « confinement »,  qui confirment que « déplacer des enfants de moins de 18 ans entre les foyers de ses parents » est l’une des situations dans laquelle il est possible de quitter son domicile.

Rachel Freeman (Français)

14 April 2020

The juggling act of a single mother, home school teacher and head of a family team during the coronavirus crisis

As we approach the third week of lockdown, Charlotte Bradley shares her reflections on how the COVID-19 crisis has affected working parents like herself and how she's managing being a single mother, a home school teacher, family lawyer and leader of Kingsley Napley's family team.

Charlotte Bradley

3 April 2020

Resolving family disputes through mediation, arbitration and private FDRs during the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis has brought about some of the biggest challenges to our lives, health and freedoms that many of us will ever experience. The pressures we face are significant while we also do our best to manage the impact on our relationships, mental health and financial circumstances.  It is important that we all try to communicate and do what we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and happy while acknowledging that the ways in which we can do this are very different to what we are used to. In this blog, we consider alternate dispute resolution methods (including online) that are available to help couples navigate a separation either with the support of a solicitor or on their own during this time.

Connie Atkinson

30 March 2020

Navigating relationships through the coronavirus crisis

We have now had our first week of living under the government’s rules on staying at home and away from others.  Weather-wise it has been a glorious start to Spring with beautiful clear blue skies but otherwise it has been the start of an unprecedented new and uncertain way of life for those living in the UK and elsewhere during the COVID-19 crisis. Marriages and relationships can be difficult at the best of times but we are now in completely unchartered territory. In this blog, Shirlee Kay, a therapist and couples’ counsellor, and Rachel Freeman reflects on how these challenging times can affect relationships and provide some suggestions as to how couples can best navigate relationships through this pandemic.

Rachel Freeman

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