Divorce & Separation

24 March 2020

COVID-19: overcoming the challenges of co-parenting for separated and divorced parents

Following the government announcing restrictions last night for staying at home and away from others, further details have been published about the “lockdown” restrictions, which confirm that “moving children under 18 between their parents’ homes” is one of the permitted reasons to leave home. 

Rachel Freeman

23 March 2020

COVID-19 and self-isolation: what to do when the danger is at home

For many of us, home is a place of safety in times of difficulty, stress and uncertainty. But for those who experience domestic violence, home is often a place of violence, danger and fear. According to government figures, an estimated 1.6 million women and 786,000 men in England and Wales experienced domestic abuse last year, which is a staggering figure. Whilst highly sensible and necessary advice given the on-going coronavirus crisis, the government’s latest ‘social distancing’ rules, which are rapidly moving towards mass self-isolation, are at odds with its own figures illustrating just how prevalent the risk of domestic violence is.

Stacey Nevin

20 March 2020

Reflections on The Split – S2, E6: …and that’s a wrap

Tuesday saw the emotional final episode of series 2 of The Split which involved many of the key characters going their separate ways. In this blog, Connie Atkinson reflects on how to support children through separation together and ways of resolving practical arrangements on divorce.

Connie Atkinson

11 March 2020

Reflections on The Split – S2, E5: Sex tapes, bugging and workplace relationships

In this episode, the fallout from Hannah and Christie’s affair continues to escalate. The sex tape (containing images of Fi, her husband (Richie) and the nanny) has been leaked to the tabloids; Fi spent the night with her lawyer, Christie, which was subsequently discovered by Richie who has bugged Fi’s house; Richie “abducted” Hannah and Nathan’s children to a rock concert; and Nina, a mum-to-be, faced up to her alcohol addiction.

4 March 2020

Reflections on The Split – S2, E4: Child arrangements, adoption and a potential sex tape scandal

This week’s episode of The Split began with high drama between Hannah and Christie following the secret that Nina let slip at the end of the last episode. The issues between Hannah’s client, Fi, and her husband, Richie, continued to develop so Hannah and Christie were forced to work together despite their personal differences. Fi and Richie couldn’t agree on the arrangements for their three children so a joint meeting was arranged with their lawyers.

Sarah Dodds

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