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24 July 2018

Joint data controllers – yet more data protection uncertainty

In two recent decisions the CJEU has adopted a maximalist, and probably to many people a counter-intuitive, approach to the issue of the identification of joint data controllers – the effect the decisions is that a body can be a joint data controller of personal data even through it has no access to, and no right of access to, the personal data in question. Both cases were decided under pre-GDPR law, but changes introduced by the GDPR mean that they are likely to have a significant impact.

Adam Chapman

10 July 2018

Some welcomed guidance for data controllers: Court of Appeal confirms the correct test to be applied when considering a SAR concerning mixed data

Mixed data cases present a particular challenge for data controllers and, as Adam Chapman noted in his previous commentary of this case in the High Court, “in ‘three way’ cases such as these, the data controller is likely to be challenged irrespective of the decision they take”.

15 June 2018

GDPR: The significance of the new principle of accountability

The GDPR has introduced a new accountability principle: the data controller “shall be responsible for, and be able to demonstrate compliance, with” each of the six principles of the GDPR. For a principle summarised in 10 words, there is a significant amount of work required by organisations to ensure accountability. And there may be significant consequences if this work is not undertaken.  

Emily Carter

29 May 2018

The ICO’s Regulatory Action Policy: What to expect in the new GDPR era

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has begun consulting on a new Regulatory Action Policy (“the Policy”). This new policy is intended to provide “direction and focus” for those the ICO regulates, the public and its staff - and therefore demands careful consideration by anyone concerned about regulatory action within this new GDPR era. Critically, the Policy reiterates the ICO’s commitment to a balanced approach to regulation by creating an environment in which data subjects are protected whilst business is able to operate and innovate efficiently:

Emily Carter

25 May 2018

GDPR: A guide for therapists

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few months, you’ll be aware that changes are afoot in the data protection world.  Your inbox is probably full of emails from organisations using various catchy phrases to get you to “opt in” to receiving communications (my favourite was headed “darling you’ve got to let me know, will you stay or will you go?” – who said data protection couldn’t be fun?!).  But what is GDPR and what does all this mean for you as a therapist? 

Lucy Williams

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